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A new lawsuit claims that Ye aka Kanye West’s Donda Academy had seriously unsafe conditions including a “moldy smell.”

According to reports, a lawsuit was filed on Thursday (July 6th) in a Los Angeles courtroom by a former teacher with the school. Isaiah Meadows’ suit is the third in the last three months. In the case, the former faith and physical education teacher (who also worked at the Yeezy Christian Academy which was a predecessor) claims that he was fired from his position after expressing his concerns about grave health and safety issues at the academy. He also claims he is owed back pay as well as compensation for rent at a place near the school.

The details begin with Meadows alleging that Donda Academy was built without windows in the window frames. This left the faculty and students vulnerable to the weather outside. “In the middle of the main classroom, a skylight was left without glass inevitably allowing rain to fall directly inside, where water would soak into the floor, which would lead to a moldy smell for the next few days,” Meadows’ lawyers wrote in the suit’s documents. “The skylight was intentionally without glass because WEST expressed that he did not like glass.”

Another issue that was presented in the suit concerned the septic tank that would “overflow every other day, causing a terrible smell.” There were also “serious wiring issues” at the school, leading to an incident of an electrical fire “near the student eating area where wire was laid atop the ground, exposed.” These add on to claims brought by former teachers Cecilia Hailey, Chekarey Byers, and Timanii Meeks in the May lawsuit which include students only being allowed to wear black clothing and not going to the second floor because the rapper was “reportedly afraid of stairs.”

“The unlawful and retaliatory behavior by Mr. West and the school directors have now been documented multiple times by other former employees who never even worked together but all experienced the same horrendous treatment and witnessed the same serious health, safety, and education code violations, while all were subjected to the same fate,” attorney Ron Zambrano wrote in a statement that accompanied the lawsuit.