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Two students at Northwestern University hopped on the bandwagon of the apparent latest trend in Halloween costumes, Blackface. One student dressed as Bob Marley smearing a thick black substance on his face, most likely shoe polish, and wore a shirt that said “Jamaica.”

The other student was even more outlandish, covering their entire body with the substance and donning a tennis racket, most likely in an effort to be Serena Williams.

Students at the University had mixed reactions about the issue but student Carlton Bozer denounced the incidents of overt racism to the Daily Northwestern saying,

“When I saw photos of the blackface kid, I laughed myself out of my chair. I could only think, ‘Wow. How can someone intelligent enough to be admitted to Northwestern University, ‘Harvard of the Midwest,’ lack the tact to recognize such a racially inflammatory costume choice?”

My sentiments exactly Carlton. The stupidity of some people is incredible; how could they be so book smart  yet so stupid in common sense?

For everyone that’s oblivious to the racist ties Blackface has to the Black community, then read a book. Idiots.

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