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Fans of NBA YoungBoy have been left concerned and in the dark after the rapper posted a cryptic Instagram post in which he apparently confesses to being hooked on Xanax and is reaching out for help.

Yesterday (July 24), the “Bandit” rapper took to his cat’s IG page (yes, his actual feline pet) to post a picture of himself camouflaged down with his cat by his side. But the caption left many fans worried as NBA YoungBoy wrote from his cat’s perspective. “I been seeing a lot, my dad so unhealthy it’s scary. Even his mental. He blows his money making people smile who don’t care to see the signs that’s literally in they face. 20xanxz a day please #help,” the post read.

We’re not sure if the man is serious or just having fun, but the caption was enough to have fans in his comments bugging out. It didn’t help matters when “his cat” chimed in on the comments section writing “He pissed out blood for 2 days straight that’s funny though?”

Aw man, this could be bad.

While some fans joked around about NBA YoungBoy’s cat having an IG page, others see this as a more serious matter. ‘Y’all nedda wake up, yb really hurtin he losing his self. He been taking 20xans every day. Y’all not gone realize till he gone. Y’all nedda stop taking shi as a joke. We really on edge to losing yb, but y’all don’t care till he over, yb is the best thing that happened to us. He don’t even feel comfortable saying this on his on page he gotta use his cat page, y’all gotta chill wit da hate and shi bro,” one supportive fan wrote.

Whether or not this is a cry for help from NBAYoungBoy is anyone’s guess, but the man does have a history with Xanax. He and his entourage were arrested during a music video shoot in 2020 in which authorities found all kinds of controlled substances including Xanax, Hydrocodone, weed and some firearms.

Pray for NBA YoungBoy because this is looking like it can be a serious problem for the young fella.