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Source: John Lamparski / Getty / Doja Cat

Being a jerk to your fans comes with consequences. Just ask Doja Cat, who has lost many of them in just a few days.

Spotted on HipHopDX via XXL, Social Blade reports that Doja Cat lost over 200,000 on Instagram between Sunday, July 23, and Monday, July 24. Another 48,000 hit the unfollow button on Tuesday following reports of Doja Cat sniping at her loyal fans who take time out of their lives to run fan accounts and dared to name themselves “Kittenz.”

Losing a quarter of a million fans seems like a big deal. It’s barely a blip in her following count, which sits at an astounding 25.7 million.

Per Page Six’s previous reporting:

The “Streets” singer has been on one lately with her fans, going off on them over the weekend in a series of now-deleted tweets.

“My fans don’t get to name themselves s—t,” the “Boss Bitch” singer declared in a series of since-deleted tweets posted over the weekend.

“If you call yourself a ‘Kitten’ or f—king ‘Kittenz’ that means you need to get off your phone and get a job and help your parents with the house.”

One fan quickly questioned the rapper’s outlandish remarks, tweeting in response, “??? only using the name YOU gave your fans.”

Twitter Feels Sorry For Doja Cat Fans

Social media gave her that same energy back, joking about how painful it must be to be a fan of an artist like Doja Cat, who constantly treats her fans like crap.

Her behavior was so bad that fellow Pop Star Charli XCX responded in a tweet, “doja cat’s being so grumpy !”

Doja Cat has also been blocking people calling her out for bad taste in men. Recently she was spotted getting cozy with problematic “influencer” J. Cyrus, who has been accused of being a groomer and manipulator and has a history of racist Vine posts.

It’s clear Doja Cat doesn’t care what you think about her or her current love interest. We shall see if that continues to lead to her fans throwing up their hands and finding someone else to stan about.

Photo: John Lamparski / Getty