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When David Banner revealed that he was seeking donations for the release of his forthcoming S-x, Drugs & Video Games, more people than will admit to it thought he was looking to cash in. But the Mississippi rapper and producer insists that his 2M1 movement has nothing to do with a payday. He is genuinely trying to make a difference for the people he believes in and help artists take control of their careers.

“I just wanted to create a new model and a business that can get people the opportunity to really make money,” Banner tells Hip-Hop Wired. “To really be creative. To not have to go through all these filters before you music gets back to your own people. Isn’t it amazing that I go from selling CD on the corner in Mississippi and have to go all the way to New York for them to send CDs back to my people. That’s crazy to me.”

Watch Banner explain how 2 million people donating $1 dollar, and their e-mails, could make a difference in the video below. 


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