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Former Bad Boy rapper G-Dep is making the most out of his prison bid. The Harlem native could spend the rest of his years behind bars, for confessing to committing a murder back in 1993. But while he’s there, he plans to capture his life story in a new autobiography.

Dep, born Trevell Coleman, is currently doing time at New York’s Riker’s Island, and in a new interview, the 37-year-old divulged details on his forthcoming literary work. “It’s one of those things where I’m not trying to explain or justify anything,” he said. “It’s just I’m trying to just give people my last option. Obviously I can’t record. I don’t know if people are wondering what’s going on or even care, but this is something from an artistic point of view that will kind of close out what I was doing, for now. It might kinda answer some people’s questions.”

The book will be written in poetry, and Dep hopes that his work will allow the public to see both sides of his story. “Really, I’m just putting my story out there. And I’m trying to give a positive message at the same time.”

Life behind bars has been far from easy for the one-time music star. In September, Dep’s appeal to have his murder charges reduced to manslaughter was denied, and given his videotaped admission, there is fear that his defense team doesn’t have much favorable evidence in their corner. While his lawyers claim that the person that he shot nearly two decades ago was not the victim in question, John Henkel, the rapper’s confession –posted on the New York Post website this morning– tells a different story. “I had a gun in the house and I brought it out one night,” he told cops. “I got on my bike. My intent was to get some money and rob somebody.” After spotting a Henkel standing on a street corner in Harlem, Dep approached him and attempted to commit the robbery, with a .40 caliber firearm. “I took the gun out as I was walking towards him and then I just pointed it at him and asked him where the money was.” The two men struggled for the weapon, but according to one of Dep’s recounts, he had no idea that the victim died until after his confession. As his struggle between fact and fiction continues, the father of three  now claims to have been talking about a separate, nonfatal, crime.

If convicted, Dep faces 15 years to life in prison.



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