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Another day, another rapper accused of running off on the jewelry plug.

No, it’s not Sean Kingston, but it is someone who has close ties to him and might’ve picked up a lesson or two. According to TMZ Hip Hop, YK Osiris is being accused by celebrity jeweler, Seth Grossman, of failing to pay for a $20,000 Audemars Piguet watch that he blessed him with years ago. Apparently, the Sean Kingston-referred client has been rocking a pricey timepiece provided by Grossman for years and hasn’t coughed up a single dime in payment since.

How Kingston and Osiris haven’t made their own version to “Run Off On The Plug” is beyond us, but there’s always time.

TMZ Hip Hop reports:

They met up in early 2020 before the COVID-19 shutdowns, and Seth claims YK convinced him to sell the AP he was wearing … which you see YK try on, and happily flaunt, in the video above. Bling, bling baby!!!

Seth says he wasn’t up on YK’s music at the time but checked his YouTube and confirmed he was a legit star, and proceeded to fire off an invoice for the timepiece.

According to Seth, YK took all of his info so his accountant could wire the $20K … but that wire transfer was essentially a pipe dream because Seth claims he’s yet to see a dime!!!

Naturally, YK gave Grossman the runaround for years and ultimately shifted the blame to Sean Kingston because, why not? Telling Grossman everything from his father stole his jewelry to saying that he gave the watch to Sean, Osiris obviously didn’t have the $20,000 to pay for his diamond encrusted timepiece.

While any other person would’ve taken some kind of legal action by now, Grossman is being a sport about it so far and says that he’d rather use his energy to run his Bev Hills boutique, 90210 Watches.

In other words, looks like YK Osiris done got himself a free $20,000 watch. Sean Kingston would be proud… or maybe hating. We don’t know.

What do y’all think of the situation? Should Seth Grossman take YK Osiris to court, or should he just chalk this up to a $20,000 life lesson? Let us know in the comments section below.