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The long awaited collaboration between Beanie Sigel and 50 Cent is here.  Released today, the track is called “I Go Off.”  Not really what many were expecting, 50 is really only featured on the hook but has some interesting words at the end of the track for Mr. Carter as the “Knight” of NY officially steps to the “King.”

He fires in on Jay stating,

“You changed man. You let the money change you Jay.  You used to be from Marcy… Now you’s   a pass the Grey Poupon n*gga.  You don’t want the shooter…I’ll take him.”

As HipHopWired previously reported, Beans claims Jay blocked a deal of him signing with G-Unit a few years back and that Jigga did nothing to further his career financially as many had believed.  After recent talks, the deal may be back on the table.

Let’s just hope for Bean’s sake, 50’s not about to pull another J-Hood and use this beef as a marketing tool for his new album Before I Self Destruct. Come on now, we all know Curtis is calculating and a master at this art of war.

Beans himself actually lays off his former boss for the most part. While a cool track, it’s not on the level as “I Ain’t Your Average Cat” and comes more from a mixtape vein. Beans has been quiet for a minute on the music tip so hopefully this is him just getting warmed up.  Listen below and judge for yourself.

Beanie Sigel feat. 50 Cent – “I Go Off”

Beanie Sigel feat. 50 Cent – I Go Off