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CBD oil becomes a staple in young woman's daily routine

National CBD Day (August 8) is here and if you’ve been following this website for a while, you’re well aware that we believe in the proper use of cannabis for both healing and relaxing purposes. To help bring your National CBD Day into focus, we’ve put together a handful of gifts and suggestions to try, some of which we’ve had the pleasure of trying ourselves.

For those that are unaware, CBD stands for Cannabidiol, touted for its many therapeutic benefits such as pain relief, inflammation, restlessness, anxiety, and a host of other potential treatments. It can be ingested orally, smoked or vaporized, and even applied topically much like marijuana, the psychoactive version of cannabis that gets you “high” as hemp does not contain THC.

As most might know, CBD won’t get you high but it can be used with marijuana to create varying effects. CBD can also aid in lowering someone’s “high” as well while also building up tolerance.

The origins of National CBD Day start CBD company cbdMD according to National Day Calendar. The company declared August 8 as the day and it has been in existence since 2018. Much of the purpose of the holiday is to raise awareness of CBD and hemp products and to educate those who might be curious about its effects.

Below, we’ve got a list of products we think you should try. All products are listed in alphabetical order.

Alchemy Naturals

2023 Mother's Day Cannabis Gift Guide for Canna-Moms

“Alchemy Naturals offers an array of delicious gummies tailored for different effects broken into categories such as intimacy and sleep. We’ve tried the relief and de-stress gummies and are happy to report that not only are the gummies tasty but the purported effects took hold. The company does urge that daily use of the products will lead to better results.” – D.L.


2023 Canna-Dads Gift Guide

“Cookies, the brainchild of rapper and entrepreneur Berner, might be known for its high-end marijuana strains, the company has an entire line of CBD products that can be shipped nationally. I’ve used the brand’s Caps product, which is a blend of mushrooms, CBD, and CBN (which aids in sleep) in capsule form. I’ve never used HHC or Delta 8 products so I can’t speak that but I have used the brand’s CBD oil in earlier times.” – D.L.

Escape Artists

2023 Mother's Day Cannabis Gift Guide for Canna-Moms

“Escape Artists specializes in tinctures and topicals along with pre-rolls and edibles. The topical pain relief creams and tinctures are among the best I’ve experienced since taking flight with cannabis and hemp products some 20 years ago. The relief creams have been especially for my old man knees and the sleep tincture helps aid a good night’s sleep.” – D.L.

Susan’s Own

2023 Mother's Day Cannabis Gift Guide for Canna-Moms

“Susan’s Own is the cool, chill sister to Blazy Susan, which provides a host of accessories for the cannabis user. Using Colorado hemp, Susan’s Own offers tinctures, gummies, creams, and bath bombs, all of which we’ve sampled in the past and have purchased on our own.” – D.L.


2023 420 Gift Guide

“Tonic got its start back in 2017 and combines the power of CBD with adaptogens, which are plant substances, typically herb-based, used for various health reasons. We’ve tried the Zone CBD vape pen that provided the balance of clear-eyed clarity and a positive nudge of energy.” – D.L.

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