Another day, another President Obama diss.

This time, former Saturday Night Live star Jon Lovitz is the culprit. He’s made a career off of slapstick comedy, but the  words he had for the president are no laughing matter.  During an interview on the podcast The ABC’s of SNL, the comedian attacked the commander in chief for his comments about the rich not paying their taxes. “This whole thing with Obama saying the rich don’t pay their taxes is f—ing bullshit,” he said. “And I voted for the guy, and I’m a Democrat. What a f—ing a–hole. The rich don’t pay their taxes? Let me tell you something, right. First they say to you, you’re dead broke, ‘the United States of America, you can do anything you want, go for it.’ So then you go for it and then you make it, and everyone’s like ‘f–k you.'”

Using Obama’s story as an example to support his claim, Lovitz blasted the president for his stance. “He had no father. He was, you know, of mixed race which is a burden in the United States, don’t kid yourself. Growing up like that, and no money, and the guy ends up being at Harvard. He’s the President of the United States. And now he’s like, f–k me!”

Lovitz’ critiques are the latest in a slew of public figures who don’t know how to choose their words wisely when it comes to the president. Aside from Michelle Bachman who used the term “tar baby” in regards to Obama’s energy plan, musician Ted Nugent called him a “criminal.” Lovitz is also not the only SNL cast member to disrespect the president, fellow alum Victoria Jackson is infamous for spewing hate towards the Obama, recently calling him a “communist.”


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