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Stores Continue To Close And Offices Remain Empty In Downtown San Francisco

Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty

The smash-and-grab trend continues to go strong in the summer of 2023 as a flash mob hit a Nordstrom in San Fernando Valley and took basically anything that wasn’t nailed to the floor.

According to TMZ, a mob of around 50 people wearing masks and hoodies to hide their identities went to work at the high-end fashion retailer Saturday (Aug. 12) and ransacked the place for any and everything they could take. Whether it was purses or clothing, everything was up for grabs as the thieves knew they only had precious minutes to get what they could and get the hell out of there before police showed up.

TMZ reports:

The looters hit a very well-trafficked complex — the Westfield Topanga Mall, so it was particularly stunning it went down there.

These flash mobs have been hard at work in the L.A. area, most recently at the Yves Saint Laurent store at Glendale’s Brand Mall. Looters took around $300k worth of merch.