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Source: Earl Gibson III / Getty / DJ Akademiks

Keyboard warrior DJ Akademiks had time for TDE’s president Terrence “Punch” Henderson after he claimed he tried to “bully” him for being out-of-pocket while talking about SZA.

Last week, DJ Akademiks continued his trend of being extremely disrespectful to women when he hopped on the alt-right network Rumble and engaged in a ridiculous rant where he disgustingly talked about the singer’s body, weight, and appearance, calling her “a fat mini Lizzo,” and claiming she a “botched BBL.”

Spotted on HipHopDX, Punch, who is known for speaking his mind on social media, responded to Akademik’s foolishness over the weekend.

Punch Was Tired of DJ Akademiks Nonsense

“Man I’ve been so conflicted the [past] couple of days as to address this dude publicly or not,” Punch wrote in a since-deleted X post. “I’m not playing no internet games… He have to answer for those disrespectful things he said about SZA.”

Akademiks couldn’t help but respond, hopped in his dark room, turned on his video camera, and “clapped back” at the record executive, accusing Punch of trying to “Suge Knight” him.

“None of y’all are Suge Knight. You don’t strike fear in my heart. There is no, ‘Oh my God, he’s going to get me!” Akademik’s rant begins. “I did content about the biggest killers in the world in Chicago. I’ve talked about the worst people you could imagine … I won’t be sitting here scared of an older n-gga who claims he’s a ‘thug.”

He continues his rant, puffing up his chest, saying, “Mr. Punch from TDE, you didn’t have to delete your tweet … I’m not scared of you. I don’t know nobody that’s scared of you, and I don’t know nobody that would think you be doing nothing.

“So please, pipe down, and rather than delete the tweet, don’t send the tweet. Because if you look at my tweet history, I leave them up for all to see.”

DJ Akademiks Claims Punch Is A Hypocrite

He wasn’t done, accusing Punch of being a hypocrite, adding, “This is why we’re laughing: you’re tweeting [about how] you’re not playing internet games while you’re tweeting it! This is why I said y’all are not Suge Knight. Suge Knight wouldn’t give a nice proper warning and then delete the tweet. I don’t think he’d tweet at all.

“I just want to let you know, if [the tweet] was even remotely aimed at me, it was received, laughed at, and sent back. We’re not scared of none of you n-ggas.”

Oh The Irony

Hilariously, the man best known for popping sh*t from behind his keyboard accused Punch of being an “online gangsta” telling him to focus on running his record label.

“Listen, you guys have some great artists, and I’m hoping you guys can put out music a little more frequently, just as the fan in me speaking,” he added. “Put your record out, be quiet. That’s about it … Stop acting gangsta online. If you was gonna do something, you wouldn’t tweet it. Stop it, brother, please. You look pathetic.

“And by the way, I don’t want a response for this neither. Work your record, you’re a record executive. Yeah, you got a couple gangstas on payroll. Whoop de doo! We’re all millionaires. Everybody could pay for some dumb shit to get done. You don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die. You don’t wanna go to jail, I don’t wanna go to jail. Shut up with your tweeting.”

We are VERY SURE DJ Akademiks would never say any of these things to any of these individuals in person.

Photo: Earl Gibson III / Getty