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“They was writing WorldStar checks. But WorldStar…I got a lawsuit against WorldStar for utilizing my likeness…”

50 Cent has filed a lawsuit against for copyright infringement. Speaking with Atlanta V-103 radio station personality Greg Street, 50 spoke on the suit and his site

“This is where the competitive nature of Hip-Hop has helped me in other areas because I didn’t feel like I was bigger than the actual art form or the other artists that was trying to compete with me. It generated the kind of interest that allowed me to have revenue from a whole other business and having a strong viral presence.

Even Rick, they spent additional marketing dollars on Rick Ross to combat my presence at that point. They was writing WorldStar checks. But WorldStar…I got a lawsuit against WorldStar for utilizing my likeness.

A lot of people feel like that was my site because they see my face on the cover of an infringement with I-Robot (on the site) for a long time. You should really be nice to me because when you’re not nice to me then I’m not nice. And because I have lawyers on retainers and I pay them so much money anyway, we’ll go back and forth to court until you can’t afford a Subway sandwich; because I have to pay them anyway.

So you learn because I’ve been under circumstances and sat through depositions and I’ve been sued for different reasons so I understand the process now. So I write that expense off as a price of business but they’re not in the same space. I wouldn’t suggest it but it’s already too late for him.”

50 also continued his Economics course as he described the difference between being rich and wealth as only he can. Sending out Cliffs Notes to all the so-called ballers and those just on their grind to obtain more, he added,

“I still got Formula 50 (Vitamin Water), the grape version. It’s good but I’m good with that but I’m looking to do even bigger and better things. I’m ambitious and when you get rich, you run into wealth and these people make you feel like what you did was cool but it was cute.

You need to do it again 3or 4 more times (and) you’ll be all right. I had an experience…I was in France and a guy asked me to come to a party, gave me $70-thousand cash. I said yeah I’ll come by your after party but I’m only gonna be there for 20-minutes. He said all right, stop by. I got to the party…the location, 12 people there.

He just wanted his friend to say I met 50 at John’s house. Now that’s wealth. When you can throw that kind of money away and it don’t mean nothing and I come back and I see the strip club activity where they throwing a few dollars (laughs) and they feel like that’s something major. Nah, I seen another world, I got another vision.”

In related news, 50’s latest album Before I Self Destruct also hit stores this week as Fif shows no signs of slowing down his financial charge.