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Thieves in New York City have great taste when it comes to the items they like to snatch. According to the New York Post headphone theft has increased in the city, and the most popular brand just happens to be Beats by Dre. “They’re very hot among thieves,” explained a police source. “It’s like, ‘I see it. I want it. I can have it. I’m taking it for me, or my sister needs a pair.’”

Oddly enough children are the easiest targets and have become the victim of theft ever since the latest Beats models were released last Christmas. Suspects beat up, threaten, and in some cases use weapons, to get their hands on the earphones, “They’re being snatched from teenagers aboard subways or as they walk to and from school. People’s heads are buried in them. They don’t even know what’s going on,” added the source.

A video posted on WorldStarHipHop shows a Bronx man jacking someone by jumping onto the Subway tracks and using a broken glass to slash the neck of his victim. Meanwhile, last month, a “Bonnie-and-Clyde” team ran up on a 14-year-old boy near Columbia University stole the headphones and danced away wearing them.

The pricey earphones, which recently cut ties with their distributor, Monster, run between $300-$500 and are looked at as a “status symbol,” and rightfully so.  Pretty much everyone in Hip-Hop either owns pair, or hawking their own brand of headphones. The popularity has also trickled down to the sports world.  Just before the Super Bowl, New England Patriots star Chad Ochocinco bought $28,000 worth of the headphones as a gift to his teammates.

Dre, who is allegedly still working on the myth that has become Detox, has yet to comment on the matter.


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