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Joe Budden & Gillie Da Kid are both former rappers turned podcasters who found success in the broadcast world and had a mild feud that ended with the pair squashing the beef. In that olive branch moment, both Joe Budden and Gillie Da Kid floated the idea of a boxing match with Gillie claiming he’d put the beats on Budden.

Joe Budden was a recent guest on the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast with Gillie Da Kid alongside his partner and family member Wallo. At various times during the appearance, Gillie and Budden took shots at each other, which reached a head earlier this year.

During a broadcast of his eponymously named podcast, Budden clowned Gillie for having a small bedroom window in hilarious fashion. Gillie came back with his own barbs too and it appeared that the so-called “Pod Wars” Budden often references on his show was truly underway.

The beef was settled soon as Budden joined MDWOG but Gillie used the moment to roast Budden’s fashion senses in relentless fashion. Budden seemed unbothered by Gillie’s swipes and retorted with some of his own.

As the conversation wore on, the celebrity boxing match idea was floated with Gillie saying he’d mop Budden with the hands. Gillie Da Kid has demonstrated his hand skills before during a live taping of the podcast with Floyd Mayweather as a guest. Budden has also famously shared that he’s no slouch with the mitts either. Either way, if this happens, hopefully, they make it a charitable event or something of the sort.

Check out the clip of the conversation courtesy of X user @TherealHassanO below.

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