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“Back in the day, it was live A$$ Adult Videos Treach and Tupac forreal.”

So maybe it wasn’t enough to continue to keep the legacy of rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur alive with post-death albums.  Now there are rumors circulating that the late rapper has a sex tape floating around the Internet.

During his growing success as a rapper, Shakur was quite the ladies man and even professed his overbearing love for the opposite sex.

Although his sexual endeavors may not have been chronicled extensively by the mainstream, a song by the name of “I Get Around” was an indicator that Shakur enjoyed what happened whether the lights were on or off.

Naughty By Nature’s own Treach was able to give an account of a particular example of the good old days with him and Tupac to WorldStarHipHop.

“I remember this one time we was in a hotel right, we was staying in the same room.  He had this little honey in the room and I had the camcorder and I went up to the room.  I was taping him tearing her A$$ up.  Then the door creaked and the n*gga got up like, ‘N***a, what the Fawk you doing, you got it? Treach you got it on tape?  Don’t you ever be doing no Shyte like that’.  We watched the tape the next day.”

Two questions come up directly.  Why is a man videotaping his homeboy getting it in and why are they watching it together the next day?

No homo may not have existed back then, but there’s definitely a flag on the play for that one.

Although no album happens to be on the way like tomorrow, Shakurspeare is the upcoming release slated for June 16, which happens to be his 39th birthday.  The project will contain some of his first songs that were recorded back in the late 80’s.

There is also still word on another documentary in the works.  Titled Tupac Assassination II: Reckoning, the original took a deep glimpse into the unsolved murder of the rapper, is rumored to drop in 2009 while the film Live 2 Tell, which he was written by Pac back in 1995, is still under debate with no news of a release date.

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