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The Outlawz broke out onto the music scene under the friendship and guidance of Tupac until his untimely death in 1996. Now, more than a decade since his passing, one of the members is stepping back into the spotlight with a new project.

Mutah “Napoleon” Beale has been proverbially absent in music and heavily engrossed in the Nation of Islam.  Now all eyes are on him as he ventures out with a new television show to educate the masses on his widely misunderstood belief.

Beale will launch “Napoleon TV” on December 1. Named after his former Outlawz rap alias, the television program will air in Europe and North Africa on Sky’s “Up & Coming “channel where Beale will introduce “top celebrities to Islam” and explain verses of the Quran.

According to Beale, his religion is being grossly misrepresented and he told Al Arabiya News that he hopes to use the entity to educate people on Islam’s “whole” and “peaceful” nature.

“It seems like here in America the media is attacking Islam in every way possible, so I decided to use the media to give people an understanding about the true religion of Islam, which is whole and peaceful.”

The “Up & Coming” channel will also air his documentary “Life Of An Outlaw.” Expect that to be “interesting,”  as well as, it’s being produced by Mike Epps.

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