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Kanye West’s biggest fans has found herself in legal trouble. The woman, who legally changed her name to Kanye West in honor of the Chicago MC, entered a guilty plea Wednesday (May 30) in response to charges that she threw an amplifier through a store window.

While the motivation behind her tired has yet to be revealed, the law ended up working out in West’s favor, because her charges were reduced, and she was sentenced to community service for the act.

West (the woman, not the rapper) made headlines after changing her name in April of 2011, and declaring her undying love for the “Mercy” rapper. Not surprisingly, the woman –also a native of the Windy City—is not a fan of Kim Kardashian, or Amber Rose. “I was basically doing all type of things to say I love you more than those girls,” she told  Chicago radio personality, DJ Moon Dawg, of getting tattoos of the 34-year-old’s name on her arm and backside.

Much like her namesake, West doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion. “They don’t know Kanye and that’s the only person I care about,” she continued when asked about her mental stability. “Kanye likes people who [are] completely into him. He was raised by  a mom who gave him 100 percent attention and 100 percent honor and put nobody before him, and that’s how he likes his girl. Until he says ‘you’re crazy,’ or unless he gets married I’m going to keep going.”

Since she wasn’t given jail time for vandalizing the store window, Mr. Kanye West might want to watch his back.


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Photo: New York Daily News

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