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Q-Tip is weighing in on Gwyneth Paltrow’s n-word “tweeting scandal,” and he’s upset with Russell Simmons for defending the Oscar winner. Uncle Rush wrote a blog post on his Global Grind website yesterday about the history of the n-word, in a foolish attempt to remove some of the “power” behind the word.

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper laid into Simmons, and Touré via Twitter. “Listen Rush Simmons, Toure, and all Black folk who are sympathist [sic] to this gwen paltrow ni**a thing. She may not have meant harm, sure it was in the heat of the moment but that fact that she showed not 1 IOTA of an apologetic tone, given the historical weight of that word is not responsible of G paltrow’s part,” he wrote. “As powerful as hiphop is it DOESNT erase the years of damage that not only that word has done but circumstances that usually surrounded it. Sure there is empathy for the black American struggle from all races but the empathy shld be extended to the great pain we as blacks have experienced for generations.

“For the pain that we still deal with in our communities daily. Was gwen wrong for recognizing unrelated people to the song as ‘ni**as in paris for real’? debatable. BUT she SHLD have. Paltrow shld have offered a ‘if i offended anyone im truly sorry’ as a person who loves black people and understands there’s a scope of black folk that exist beyond the ones that she partied with in Paris who are still dealing w the complexities of their circumstances. black folks that dont [sic] know about giving a white person a ‘pass’ … there is a lot to this thing. Rush ? Toure? its ok its all love brothas but lets build … later! and i got love for yall and im glad we can express our views! peace. BTW i said nothing mean or nasty. i met gwen and chris. kool peeps! so no need to be mean in ur responses.”

After she posted the offensive “Ni**as in paris for real@mrteriusnash (the dream) tyty, beehigh,” tweet, The Dream claimed to have sent out the post–which is highly unlikely. Paltrow also attempted to explain herself by using the “it’s the title of the song” excuse.

Respect to Tip for saying what other people seem to be afraid to address.



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