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Donald Trump Slapped With Well-Deserved Gag Order

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty / Donald Trump

One New York Judge is attempting to do something most people have failed to do: shut Donald Trump up.

Disgraced former US President Donald Trump and his Truth social fingers finally got him in trouble.

Judge Arthur Engoront hit the twice impeached former Commander In Chief and his sorry legal team with a gag order after Trump attacked one of the Judge’s staffers, NPR reports.

Per NPR’s reporting, the gag order imposed on the second day of trial will determine if the legendary con artist will be liable for the   “limits posting or publicly speaking about any member of the judge’s staff.”

If Trump or his legal team fails to comply, there will be sanctions, Engoront said.

The gag order comes after two days of Trump hurling insults at the Judge and Attorney General Letitia James on his bum a** social media platform, Truth Social, and in front of cameras.

In typical Trump fashion, he told reporters outside the courtroom on Monday and Tuesday that the Judge and NY Attorney General were politically corrupt and accused James’ a Black woman, of being racist.

He also said Engoront of being “rogue.”

We are on day three of the trial, and he claims he will testify “at the appropriate time” in this proceeding.

This fraud case is one of four he is facing in New York City, and he is currently a witness on the attorney general’s and the defense’s witness lists. According to NPR, it could be several weeks before he takes the stand.

It will be must-see television when that happens cause you know Trump is going to say some absurdity.

Photo: Anadolu Agency / Getty