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Chris Serino, the lead detective in the Trayvon Martin cased, asked to be reassigned  his department revealed, Tuesday (June 26). “Officer Serino has made this decision of his own volition and will begin his new assignment on July 7, 2012,” stated a press release from the Sanford County Police Department.

Serino is the officers who concluded that George Zimmerman’s reasoning behind shooting the unarmned teen was “inconsistent,” with his actions, and wrote in a report that the altercation was “avoidable,” had the accused killer simply stayed in his car instead of approaching Martin. 

After interviewing Zimmerman, Serino concluded that he should face criminal charges, but Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee disagreed. Lee, who has since been let go from his position, stated that there was not enough evidence to charge the 28-year-old and let him go without so much as a slap on the wrist.  It wasn’t until two months later that when special prosecutor Angela Corey combed through mounds of evidence, much of which has been made public, and brought second-degree murder charges against Zimmerman.

Zimmerman has been in an out of custody in the last few months, with his latest stint occurring after Judge Kenneth Lester concluded that he lied to authorities when asked about his finances, and revoked his bond.

The former neighborhood watch captain will get another shot at freedom this Friday (June 29), when he will appear in court, for another bond hearing.


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