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Mase rarely does interviews, but whenever he speaks the people listen. He recently revealed Blood gang members were after him right after The Notorious B.I.G. was murdered.

According to HipHopDX, the latest episode of It Is What It Is offered some more context on the Harlem MC’s wellbeing shortly after his labelmate was killed. As a new reoccurring segment Cam’ron asks the “Feels So Good” rapper questions he is frequently asked by fans. Mase recalled being abandoned by his team and was literally trapped in his room.

“I was in a hotel. I was actually in a hotel with a young lady,” he recalled. “I was trapped in the hotel. It was about, probably like, 70 or so Bloods in the hallway. I couldn’t even leave my room. After B.I.G. got killed, they were probably looking for more Bad Boy artists. And I couldn’t even leave the room ’til Gene Deal [former bodyguard for Diddy] had to come get me.”

Mase went on to detail how he got out of town. “I was left in LA and from that day, I always said, ‘I’m out of here,’” he added. “I was left! I came there with people; I ain’t leave with those people. You know how it goes. Find your way home.” He also disclosed he did not fly out of a Los Angeles airport to get home. “To my recollection, I think we had to go to Vegas or something like that to get back to New York.”

You can watch Mase discuss the matter below.