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New York has been infamous for its graffiti culture since (and before) the inception of Hip-Hop culture in the early to mid-1970s. Graffiti crews would “bomb” or paint quickly executed pieces over as much real estate as possible, making the concrete facades of the sprawling city into their canvas. The iconic Brooklyn Bridge has been bombed or “tagged” up by artists looking to “get up” their reputation in the city over the years. However, it’s been a little over a decade since the bridge has been hit up by taggers – until now.

Graffiti website 12ozProphet broke the news of the bombing earlier this week. Artist LEWY of the BTM crew is slowly achieving “all city” status after hitting up the national landmark and leaving his signature tag in the same spot graf legend siblings SANE and SMITH  did in 1998–who were both wanted by the FBI for vandalism. The late SANE was memorialized in an oral history piece by his brother SMITH for Fresh Paint NYC’s blog. After the brothers made graf history with the initial bombing, Dash Snow aka SACE and YEAR got busy ten years later and even left a note filled with ire for former mayor Rudy Giuliani.

New York’s Department of Transportation wasn’t as amused as  the graf-loving B-boy and B-girls in the city after unceremoniously removing the artistic defacement, but not before graf heads were able to snap a few pictures of LEWY’s simple but clearly effective work.

Check out photos of LEWY’s handiwork, and previous BK Bridge “bombings” in the gallery.

[Spotted at Animal NY]


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Photo: 12OzProphet

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