HHW: What did you think when you’re Puma sneaker, ‘the Clyde,’  became so popular? It was a performance sneaker but the Hip-Hop culture and young kids adopted it.

Clyde: Right. They don’t know why. They call it the “Clyde” but they don’t know why. Even my nieces and nephews were wearing the shoe and they [didn’t] know why. I’ve been lucky to be with [Puma] for like 40 years. As you mentioned, Hip-Hop brought them back, and then after that, it was some other retro craze. I just signed a new deal with Puma to represent the shoe. My name’s still on that. They kind of changed the shoe a little bit. They gave it a different look and right now it’s selling very well.


HHW: When it first dropped did you make sure it represented “Clyde”?

Clyde: Yeah, I redesigned the shoe because it was very clunky and heavy, but my shoe is still different from the one you bought. Mine was a little lighter, but now the technology came along.

HHW: That suede made it pop.

Clyde: Suede. The popular one was the blue with the white stripe, then we had the red, but now there are a rainbow of colors. All different colors.


HHW: Your Knicks are finally contenders, what are you looking forward to this coming season?

Clyde: Luck [laughs]. Our big three are taking up all of the salary cap, hopefully we can re-sign Lin. I’m hearing about Bird rights. If we’re successful with that then maybe Steve Novak and J.R Smith, but if not, the Knicks could be in trouble as far as getting a bench. Not a lot of money to recruit bonafide players. Lin will be back, but we still need quality back up players. It’s going to crucial. And then Amar’e and Melo gotta make it work man. They’ve got to get it together.


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