The Bay Area Rapid Transit system has found itself in the midst of another incident after video surfaced showing a BART officer slamming a man into a glass barrier at a transit station, shattering the glass.

Though the man was acting unruly, this latest incident of police aggression by a BART officer brings into question the motives and training of those that don the uniform.

The transit system’s police force has been heavily scrutinized due to its part in the atrocity that was the Oscar Grant tragedy.

In this recent occurrence of police brutality, the officer in question is seen using what many have deemed, excessive force while acting outside of the acceptable police code of ethics.

“He didn’t even talk to the guy,” said attorney John Burress, legal representation for Oscar Grant’s family, to local media. “[He] didn’t give him a chance to surrender, didn’t give him an opportunity to move or comply.”

Closely resembling his past actions, BART Commander Daniel Hartwig is vowing to launch a thorough investigation into the issue, making sure to review whether extreme force was actually utilized in the incident.

The officer in question has yet to be named.

Both men sustained injuries with the suspect faring better in the exchange. The unnamed policeman suffered several lacerations and a concussion.

Check the video out for yourself.

Oh and in case you forgot, here’s when BART police “accidentally” shot and killed unarmed Oscar Grant last year.

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