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WARNING: If you watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, there are some spoilers ahead.

There were no bottles being thrown (that we know of) but Joseline Hernandez still caught the fadeallegedly. According to the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was approached by a woman inquiring about why she decided to abort her baby, fathered by Stevie J. However, others have speculated that the fight was actually over the reality star’s gender identity.

Hernandez hasn’t confirmed or denied the claims but rumor has it that she kicked off the altercation with the unidentified woman. Unfortunately, the former stripper wasn’t ready for the aftermath and was promptly attacked, leaving the club bloody and bruised. “My friend asked her Joseline ‘Why would you get rid of the baby’ her and Stevie J had made. She then brushed my friend off (the chick was every NYC hood type) so my friend hit her,” said the friend of the woman involved.

Check out the video of the woman’s recount, and a (very blurry) photo of the incident on the next page. 




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