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If you’re a longtime reader of The Source magazine, you no doubt remember The Last Word column that ran on the last page of the magazine for years. It was actually a timely illustration by artist/journalist André LeRoy Davis aka A.L. Dre that hilariously and wittily covered a Hip-Hop trending topic, before the advent of Twitter, Facebook or where you get your social media fix.

The good A.L. Dre recently revived The Last Word and Hip-Hop Wired will start running the artwork. The latest features bottle tossing, team light skin representative Drake and Chris Brown. The image is rather timely considering a promoter has offered up $1 millions to see the rapper and crooner step in the ring and shoot the fair one. Make sure to peep A.L. Dre on Facebook.

Peep The Last Word, plus images showcasing how Dre got to the finished piece, in the gallery (click the #’s below).


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Photos: A.L. Dre

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