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Special Prosecutor Angela Cory released a new batch of evidence in the second-degree murder case against George Zimmerman Thursday (July 12), and the information was centered around whether or not he is racist, as well as photos from the crime scene. FBI agents interviewed 35 people, and concluded that there was no evidence that the shooting death of Trayvon Martin was racially motivated.  Sanford Det. Chris Serino, shared a similar disposition, telling the FBI that while the accused killer suffered from a “hero complex,” he was not racist. Instead, Zimmerman’s profiling of Martin was based on his hoodie, and not his skin color.

Agents spoke with Zimmerman’s neighbors, and co-workers none of which said that the 28-year-old was racist. According to the account of two co-workers who spoke with the accused killer after the shooting, he was “absolutely devastated,” by the altercation.

While those close to Zimmerman may look at him as not being racist, one of his former co-workers begs to differ. The unidentified man spoke out to ABC News accusing the former neighborhood watch captain of  racial bullying, and  impersonating him “ in a terrorist character.” Although the man filed a complaint, Zimmerman was never reprimanded, but was later fired from the job for different reasons.

Zimmerman told two of his colleagues that he pursued Martin so that he could tell police where the teen went, and was ultimately attacked by the high schooler. Another document included a note from the prosecutor stating that one witness said her son felt pressured by authorities to say that the man he witnessed as being attacked was wearing red, to prove Zimmerman’s allegations that he was the victim.

The first photo of Martin’s now infamous hooded sweatshirt was also released, along with bullet fragments,  and other evidence compiled at the crime scene.

For now, Zimmerman remains free on $1 million bond.

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