Det. Chris Serino

Special Prosecutor Angela Cory released a new batch of evidence in the second-degree murder case against George Zimmerman Thursday (July 12), and the information was centered around whether or not he is racist, as well as photos from the crime scene. FBI agents interviewed 35 people, and concluded that there was no evidence that the […]

Chris Serino, the lead detective in the Trayvon Martin cased, asked to be reassigned  his department revealed, Tuesday (June 26). “Officer Serino has made this decision of his own volition and will begin his new assignment on July 7, 2012,” stated a press release from the Sanford County Police Department. Serino is the officers who concluded that George […]

Florida police were suspicious of George Zimmerman’s account of what took place, the night that he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. More documents, released by the prosecution Tuesday (June 25) revealed that authorities found the 28-year-old’s words “inconsistent” with his actions. After the shooting, Zimmerman was taken to a nearby police station, in which he told authorities […]