Once again, another conservative political pundit has unleashed racist fury, and this time the target is the nation’s oldest civil rights group. Talk show host, and noted drug abuser, Rush Limbaugh responded to audience members at the NAACP convention booing Mitt Romney last week, by labeling them an “extremist group.”

Limbaugh laid into the NAACP discrediting their place in society. “Nobody cares what the NAACP thinks because none of it is a surprise,” he said of the crowd’s reaction to Romney’s attack on President Obama’s health care reform, which was upheld by the Supreme Court. “The NAACP is just your next average leftist, extremist group. Some people think that Romney shouldn’t even have gone in, it’s a waste of his time to go there. Other people, hearing from them today, think that he scored a home run because of the way he spoke to them and how that’s being reported above and beyond the NAACP. But…if anybody harbors the idea that the NAACP is going to do anything other than support Obama, give it up, not happening. They’re no different than any other far left interest group, they’re gonna do everything they can to kill Romney at the ballot box just like every other liberal group is.”

He also called the NAACP a “hate group,” among other ridiculous ramblings. Although Limbaugh was so emotionally affected by the actions of the NAACP that he resorted to low-brow slander, Romney was far more politically correct with his response. The former governor said that he “expected” to get a bad reaction, but remains undeterred in his efforts to snag the Black vote.

Last Friday (July 13), Romney addressed his critics in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, which will appear in a forthcoming issue of O Magazine.


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