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With his campaign proceedings on a brief hold, President Obama made his way to Aurora, Colorado Sunday (July 22) to visit victims of the shooting rampage that killed 12 people. Upon his arrival at Buckley Air Force Base, the commander in chief greeted Aura Gov. John Hickenlooper, Mayor Steve Hogan, and Police Chief Dan Oats.

The four headed to the University of Colorado Hospital to visit the victims. 10 of the shooting victims have yet to be released, and seven remain in critical condition.  “I come to them not so much as president as I do as a father and as a husband,” Obama told reporters following the visit. “The reason stories like this have such an impact on us is because we could all understand what it would be to have somebody we love taken from us in this fashion.”

After hearing witness accounts, and having the opportunity to “hug” and “shed some tears” and laughs with the men and women, the POTUS revealed that he was moved by much of what he heard. “Some of the stories are remarkable. You see young people who’ve come in and just two days ago, or 36 hours ago, or even 24 hours ago, it wasn’t certain whether they’d make it. And now suddenly, their eyes are open, they’re alert and they’re talking. And it reminds you that even in the darkest of days, life continues, and people are strong and people bounce back and people are resilient.”

James Holmes, who carried out the heinous act, appeared in court today looking dazed and confused. He will likely face the death penalty, once his trial begins. The 24-year-old has yet to explain his motive for taking the lives of innocent people attending a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, and has been held in solitary confinement.

According to guards at the prison where he is being held, Holmes has not “shown any remorse” for his actions.

Up next the president will head to San Francisco for a three-day campaign run.

Click to watch video of Holmes, and see photos from the President visit below.


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