The Dark Knight Rises

The tragic shooting in Aurora that left 12 dead during a showing of the latest film in the Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises, has inspired a copycat using the guise of social media to threaten a similar style of attack in New York. Last Friday, a Twitter user under the name “obamasmistress” wrote in conversation […]

Less than one week after the shooting massacre in Aurora, Colorado, the first lawsuit has emerged. Torrence Brown Jr., one of the patrons who was at the theater when gunman James Holmes opened fire on a room full of innocent people, was not injured in the incident, but has plans to file a civil suit, […]

With his campaign proceedings on a brief hold, President Obama made his way to Aurora, Colorado Sunday (July 22) to visit victims of the shooting rampage that killed 12 people. Upon his arrival at Buckley Air Force Base, the commander in chief greeted Aura Gov. John Hickenlooper, Mayor Steve Hogan, and Police Chief Dan Oats. The […]

A deranged killer wasn’t enough to stop movie fans from supporting The Dark Knight Rises. The highly anticipated film pulled in an impressive $160 million over the weekend. While final estimates will not be released until Monday (July 23), the film earned the No. 3 spot on the list of highest debuts ever falling behind […]

Warner Bros. Pictures, the company behind The Dark Knight Rises, has released a statement about the shooting that occurred at the Century 16  Theater in Aurora, Colorado Friday (July 20). As previously reported, 12 people were killed when gunman, James Holmes, opened fire during a midnight screening of the highly anticipated film. “Warner Bros. is deeply saddened […]

A 24-year-old gunman opened fire at a screening for The Dark Knight Rises killing 12 in Aurora, Colorado Friday (July 20). According to witness accounts, the young man walked into the screening wearing a bullet proof vest and mask, and opened fire on patrons inside the theater after throwing tear gas into the crowd. James […]

The Dark Knight Rises finally hits theaters this Friday, July 20th and it will surely live up to your Batman fanboy dreams. You’ve also likely seen the trailer where you witness a local Gotham City football club team called the Rogues and the opposing team catch a bad one save for a speedy wide receiver. […]

The Dark Knight Rises is headed to the silver screen this weekend, and Hip-Hop Wired wants to give you a chance to win free tickets to see the film. The epic conclusion to director Christopher Nolan’s prolific interpretation of Batman’s story hits theaters Friday (June 20), but we want to hook up one of our faithful Twitter or […]

It’s less than a week until The Dark Knight Rises will invade theaters and (hopefully) answer all of the questions, and conspiracy theories into Batman’s alleged demise.  Fans all over the globe have been patiently waiting for director Christopher Nolan’s final installment of the epic series starring the likes of Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary […]

Fans of the Batman movie franchise have been treated to a pair of excellent film renditions of the DC Comic superhero tale from director Christopher Nolan and starring Academy Award-winning actor Christian Bale. 2005’s Batman Begins and the 2008 follow-up The Dark Knight were both huge box office smashes and cemented the legend of Batman […]

Will Batman catch the fade at the hands of Bane? That’s what anyone with even an inkling of Batman fandom, or a pulse, will be trying to find out on July 20th when The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters. Warner Bros. drops a bunch more stills from the forthcoming movie, which is sure to be […]

Batman is wanted by the Gotham PD. That’s the gist of a new viral marketing campaign to promote the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises film. There is an 8-page police report over at that details the crimes of a masked vigilante called Batman. With “Harvey Dent Day fast approaching,” Gotham’s Mayor feels it’s crucial […]