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There are many factors that make Joseline Hernandez a gift straight from the reality TV Gods. From her ever-changing hair pieces, to the way she chooses to pronounce Stevie J’s name, this woman was born to be a star. The kind that people love to hate but can’t stop looking at and criticizing, all while being overcome with a strange feeling of acceptance.

Like it or not, America has embraced her, and our only proof isn’t the fact that her Twitter followers have increased by more than 80,000 since Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta premiered in June. Hernandez is a rare breed of ex-stripper with a heart of gold. Try as she might to be rude and dismissive, she usually winds up apologizing to the women she’s wronged, and for that we must bless her with a few props.

We also can’t deny her speech impediment. It goes way past her thick Puerto Rican accent, and sounds close to that of a human who’s had their tongue run through a meat grinder—and she’s totally okay with that. After all, there are several Latina TV stars who have accents but don’t sound nearly as strange (Sofia Vergara, Roselyn Sanchez, Selma Hyek, to name a few). Nevertheless, this piece is not about slandering Stevie’s  main jumpoff, because that would be too easy. Instead we’re looking deeper into the girl who famously uttered the magical words: “He f-cked my brain,” in regards to her one true love.

This woman is a modern reality TV marvel, whether you like it or not . Click below to see her visual rise to the top.


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Photo: Sandra Rose

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