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Saucy Santana

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If nothing else, Saucy Santana has proved that there are no hairs on his tongue when it comes to beefing with anyone online. And now the openly gay artist has some choice words for one Wack 100.

After getting into a very public spat with DJ Akademiks last week, Saucy is now taking aim at Wack 100 for siding with the controversial DJ in this drama and apparently trying to get a gay man named Donat to put hands on Santana as to not run afoul of the LGBTQ community, too. Taking to his Instagram page to address the situation, Santana went off on the newly formed trio. “Akademiks done went and did a link-up with Wack 100 and another Powder Puff Girl, sitting on a m*thaf*ckin’ couch, face full of mu*haf*ckin’ fear, and then you got Wack 100 calling another bisexual boy, like he gonna do something to me! B*tch, who? B*tch, where?”

Then pointing out the fact that Akademiks actually started crying about the beef due to fears of getting canceled by the LGBTQ community, Saucy stated “I was gonna leave you alone once you started muthaf**kin’ cryin’, but since you wanna keep chattin’, and you done did a whole bad b*tch link-up, I got something for you.”

Saucy already said what he was gonna do to Akademiks after beating him down, so we know what he got for AK. He’s fittin’ to American Me DJ Akademiks on some “Don’t scream, you might like it” ish, b.

Then double-S went after Wack 100 with no fear saying, “Wack 100, you a b*tch! That’s why he came and found you!” You a b*tch a** n*gga, too. You’re the manager that’s in love with Blueface, that was mad because Blueface go with Chrisean, right? That’s you. Mad at a n*gga about his b*tch.”

Man, we have a feeling that this ain’t gonna end well. We hope they make some kind of truce because ain’t none of this that serious.

Check out Saucy Santana go off below, and let us know your thoughts on this wild situation in the comments section.