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With DJ Envy still embroiled in his allege real estate scam and all the slander that comes with it, Rick Ross continues to remind everyone there’s no love lost between himself and the Breakfast Club co-host. Rozay once again threw a few darts at the embattled DJ.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the biggest bawse of ’em all was asked about DJ Envy’s current legal troubles which allege that he participated in real estate fraud with his partner, Cesar Pina. Not one to bite his tongue on such serious matters, Rick Ross took the opportunity to get a thing or two off his chest and told Rolling Stone that he felt DJ Envy was a “thief” and that he felt especially bad for the older women who were duped out of their savings by Envy and Pina, allegedly.

Rolling Stone reports:

“Yo, that was classic. ‘Beige Rage.’ That’s DJ Liquidation. DJ Scammer. Yo, you’re from New York? Did he scam anyone you know?” Rozay said in response to questions about his feud with Envy. He went on to say, “You gotta poll all the older ladies in your family because they said they specifically targeted older women who would stay up late at night and order silver jewelry off the TV. You gotta call all your grandmas and aunties. Those real-estate scams … He’s a thief. It’s unfortunate for the older ladies.”

Who knew Rick Ross was so empathetic to the senior citizens of the Tri-State Area? Must be angling to have some homemade baked pies sent his way or something.

Still, Envy is denying the allegations and said he’s fully cooperating with investigators on the matter. Not only that but Cesar Pina himself is saying that DJ Envy wasn’t involved in the dealings that went on either. So at least he has that going for him.

Regardless of whether or not Envy is cleared of all these allegations, this is something that will be hard to live down as the jokes basically write themselves and anyone who doesn’t care for him will forever point this out for the foreseeable future. Well, we know Ross will at least.

What do y’all think of Rick Ross calling DJ Envy a thief? Is he or did he get caught up in something he didn’t know was going on behind closed doors? Let us know in the comments section below.