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While many entertainers, athletes and executives tend to have accountants and financial advisors handle the money in their riches, DJ Khaled actually likes to take the helm of his own bank accounts and we can understand why he feels that’s the best option for himself.

In a recent interview with Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay, DJ Khaled opened up about his distrust of accountants and money managers as he feels that he’s better off keeping an eye and what’s going in and out his pockets as opposed to relying on someone else to do that for him.

“I have a rule. If you pay for everything yourself, you notice you’re paying too much for stuff, right?,” Khaled told Sharpe. “The balance got to always go like that, so if I touch that, that means it got to be replaced that hour, no more than two weeks, right? Okay, that’s just a rule in my life. Now, if I notice I’m paying so much, if I let somebody else say, oh to pay the bills, you’re not going to notice it in real time because it gives you a harder time to fix it. While I’m paying all these bills traveling, vacation, my mom’s bills, my house bills, you know, shopping, the chef, the kids.”

Obviously DJ Khaled has a lot on his plate and a lot of mouths to feed, so we gotta give it to him for taking on that mammoth responsibility of making sure every penny is accounted for. That cannot be easy for one man. Still, he’s not trying to throw accountants and money managers under the bus, but he prefers to make sure that only his hands are the ones counting his duckets. Being that he saw how his homie, Fat Joe had his own issues with accountants allegedly stealing stacks from right under his nose, Khaled is doing what he can to avoid the same “mo’ money mo’ problems’ hassle that Joey Crack had to go through.

Said Khaled, “We could talk all this big business manager, and no disrespect to all you beautiful business managers out there, I don’t want to mess up your hustle, but I’ve heard a lot of crazy stories, right, and there’s no way in the world I’m letting somebody have the power to touch the hard work, no way.”

We’re not even mad at that.

Check out DJ Khaled talk about the topic below and let us know if you think he’s right or just too paranoid at this point in the comments section below.