Groaner of the week:

“Asking me about money, wonder what’s my net worth/People trying to come sue me, call up J.G. Wentworth” — Mac Miller, ‘Glow’ lyrics

Mac Miller has made several plays for rap-world respectability lately — titling an album in homage to Funkadelic, working with Pharrell Williams, enlisting DJ Jazzy Jeff for PR backup, if not completed songs. However, all of that cred went out the window when hip-hop legend Lord Finesse unleashed a lawsuit against Miller for stealing one of his beats and profiting off of it (Miller made an official video for the song that karoke’d Finesse, which received millions of likely revenue-generating YouTube hits and gave his then-beginning career a huge boost), as well as lying to him about the prospect of future production work. Mac’s response to the suit is terrible to the point of incoherence. J.G. Wentworth is a company that buys annuities, and thus would have nothing to do with lawsuits, managing Mac’s money, paying off or threatening his legal antagonists, etc. We love their funny commercials too, Mac, but that doesn’t mean this rhyme makes any sense.

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