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Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has lost himself. Somewhere between Dancing With the Stars and Evelyn Lozada, the once lauded wide receiver has fallen into an abyss of self-destruction culminating with allegedly physically abusing his wife, getting dropped from the Miami Dolphins, and having their reality, Ev & Ocho show axed.

To be fair, Ochocinco has never been on the good side of decision making.  But (supposedly) head-butting his wife is an all-time low. For starters, violence against women is never okay, but what kind of monster uses their head to attack someone, when they’re not involved in a fight in prison, the WWE, MMA, or Batman facing Bain in the Dark Knight Rises?

Furthermore, at what point in his reported condom receipt argument with Lozada did he think, “I definitely need to head-butt her so we can just be done with this conversation,” and then actually follows suit?!

This man is not only a father, but he’s supposed to be a somewhat respectable pillar in the world of shameless reality TV stars. While the fact that he’s on television doesn’t automatically give him a “role model” sticker, one would assume that knowing his own public status, he would be more careful in the way that he acts.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen so we must brand him the week’s “Epitome of Struggle” character (working title). Here are five reasons why Ochocinco has reached his destination of self-destruction.


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