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Light skin on light skin crime can be very expensive. A lawsuit filed against Chris Brown and Drake accuses the two artists of starting the bottle throwing fracas inside Club WiP in New York City back on June 14th. The dust up left Brown with a gash on his chin, NBA point guard Tony Parker with glass in his eye and all sorts of lawsuits in its aftermath. The latest, reports the New York Post, is from Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., which points the finger at this history of bad blood between the rival artists as the reason for club brawl, which of course means bringing up Rihanna, and demanding $16 million in damages.

Each man “shared a grudge against the other arising out of their romantic relationships with the same woman,” Brown’s former flame Rihanna, and when they “crossed paths,” they “began to fight violently with each other,” the suit says.

The suit says that while the club made sure nobody in their camps were armed, “each arrived with his own small army of bodyguards, ‘security’ personnel, employees, friends and other members of their entourage, consisting of at least 15 heavily built men trained and/or experienced in hand-to-hand and weapons combat.”

The suit also goes on to say that Breezy and Drizzy urged their respective camps to join in after the beef was on. The suit is also full of hyperbole that makes it seem like the scene in WiP was like Afghanistan.

“On defendant Brown and and defendant Drake’s instructions, their two posses had at each other, throwing highball glasses laden with alcohol, shattering the handles of bottles of spirits to use as makeshift knives, and even throwing full bottles at each other. Within seconds, defendants filled an already packed nightclub full of flying glass shrapnel,” the suit says.

Oh word?

All in all, Entertainment Enterprises, which owns the “Greenhouse” name (a club affiliated with WiP in NYC), is seeking $16 million in damages, citing “gross negligence,” “ultrahazardous activity” and “intentional illegal acts.”


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