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Somebody tell Money Mike that we have a “pimp down” situation. Steve McDaniel, an alleged pimp from Long Island, N.Y. was arrested after his home was raided Monday (Aug. 13), where authorities uncovered an unofficial rule book about his craft.

McDaniel made a list called Rules 2 Da game of H*ez!!! which he gave to his alleged accomplice—Sandra Russell—who is accused of assisting in his prostitution ring. McDaniel blessed Russell with his rules to the game, so that she would be able to accurately carry out her professional duties.

Like a good pimp, McDaniel laid out the perfect tactics to make a woman submissive:

Always make them need and depend on you so you have power over them (Power is control)

Make them understand that you don’t need them, they need you, and they are replicable. Never let them no [sic] if you need them deep down inside

No Matter how much  you like or care for 1 or any of them, don’t trust none of them.

The list ends with an even more unbelievable (and confusing) line:

Follow these rules and you should b gucci

“Defendant Russell was a master manipulator of these young women who, in exchange for their prostitution services, she provided housing, clothing, food, cell phones and what they needed most – heroin,” said District Attorney Thomas Spota.

With the economy still in a bad state, these two aren’t the only ones to turn to prostitution as a means to make money. A Baltimore firefighter was arrested for running a prostitution ring out of an apartment, while an aspiring rapper, PimpStick Quezzywas also busted for setting up sexual rendezvous between women he hired, and their male customers.

Both McDaniel and Russell paid the hookers in heroin, and face charges of drug possession and conspiracy.

Click below to see the list.


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Photo: Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office

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