40 Glocc can now breathe a bit easier after he took a plea deal that gets rid of two felony charges. The rapper is now out on bail until February and could see a sentence last just months if things work in his favor.


New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft found himself the center of a potential scandal after he was seen on videotape soliciting sex from workers at a Florida spa. Kraft was offered a deal to have the charges dropped if he admitted guilt, which he intends to reject.


Robert Kraft made the news recently after facing heavy accusations that he solicited sexual services at a Florida day spa. The New England Patriots owner had pleaded not guilty in the still-developing case.


Details behind the Robert Kraft’s involvement in a prostitution ring are now coming in. Apparently, the billionaire playboy likes things spicy.


New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been undoubtedly riding high since his squad took home the Lombardi Trophy after winning this year’s Super Bowl. However, Kraft is contending with a mounting legal issue after he was arrested for reportedly attempting to solicit sex at a Florida massage parlor.


Backpage, the longtime classified ads sites best known for users selling all kinds of wares, has been shut down by the Justice Department. The website has been an alleged haven for prostitution and sex trafficking, and a co-founder of the website was arrested and slapped with still unknown charges.

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A man killed in West Virginia by an escort he tried to attack, and possibly murder, could be a serial killer, police are now saying. Neal Falls of Oregon was shot with his own gun on July 18 after he tried to kill the escort, but authorities found evidence that he might have already murdered several escorts and […]


While Tyga is taking legal action against the culprit who leaked his genitals all across the Internet, his alleged transgender mistress, Mia Isabella, is breaking her silence for everything that’s being hurled her way. Earlier in the week, it was heavily rumored that the porn star was seeing the Young Money rapper at the same […]

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Disgraced former Super Bowl champion Warren Sapp has already lost his job at the NFL Network and is likely going to be scrapping for legal fees to help him beat his prostitution soliciting case, and now he’s being embarrassed even further.


Warren Sapp’s police report from his prostitution incident at the top of the month is like lasagna layer of refined struggle. More details have emerged regarding the former Super Bowl champ’s arrest and they are beyond raunchy.

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Former NBA star and college basketball analyst Greg Anthony was busted on January 16 for soliciting a prostitute in Washington, D.C. Instead of getting the book thrown at him, he and his legal counsel have reached a deferred prosecution agreement, where Anthony only has to complete 32 hours of community service and his nose (among […]

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So the word on the streets is basketball analyst and former pro player Greg Anthony was busted with a $80 hooker, who turned out to be an undercover cop.