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This ran a couple of days ago over at MTV’s RapFix, but we figure it was so bizarre it needed to be highlighted. MTV News caught up with Charles Hamilton, the MC with the affinity for pink and Sonic the Hedgehog, before his scheduled show at SOBs on Tuesday, August 14th. Of course, one question asked was about the diss song that the Harlem rapper released that was aimed at J. Cole. We don’t think we’re exagerrating when we say Sonic Hamilton’s answer to this simple question made absolutely no sense to anyone, besides Charles Hamilton.

For example, after attempting to define “looking down,” Hamilton said, “Ultimately it’s a very supernatural situation. Thank God we’re in 2012 and not like ’98. It was a very supernatural boy who cried wolf situation. So once his boss and I had a supernatural conversation about it, I was like, Put it on my tab kid. However you want it, foot it, cap it, put it on me, pause, and he did.”

The interviewer attempted to get clarity on what that even means only to witness the “Brooklyn Girls” rapper to start name dropping Viacom, Sega and J Dilla. Watch the interview below, and please feel free to let us know what Charles Hamilton is talking about. Seriously.


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Photo: MTV News