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Y.G. ran into trouble with a group of angry concertgoers during his performance in Arizona earlier in the week, and the rapper’s prouder DJ Mustard is explaining what went down. In an exclusive interview with Hip-Hop Wired, Mustard revealed that guys in the crowd started trouble due to Y.G.’s gang affiliation. “I mean it was just normal at first, we sometimes run into people that try us cuz L.A. is like the gang-bang culture out here,” Mustard says.

“It was going great, the fans [were] having a good time we was just partying. We got through like five songs, and they [were] just gang-banging like too much, and we wasn’t even on that. When we come to perform we don’t come to gang-bang.”

A select few  started throwing objects at the stage, at which point they stopped the music and addressed the situation. “They probably threw about five things on stage ‘til he finally said something, dudes went crazy and then you know the L.A. ni**a came out. Wasn’t no fight. They [were] too scared to jump down and if we was to jump down from the stage it was too deep, that’s where the water [throwing] came from.”

Never missing a beat, Y.G. and his click continued with the show, while the hecklers threw up gang signs, but Mustard made it clear that no one on his end was interested in instigating the altercation. “It’s definitely not a one-time situation, it always happens,” he added. “We don’t promote violence, we go out there to have a good time. It’s ignorant, it’s just stupid. When something happens to us, it usually just comes to us. Some people have no life, that’s the type of sh-t they do.”

Even though he doesn’t go looking for violence, it still follows the Compton native. In January Y.G.’s video shoot for his “I’m A Thug”  single ended in gun fire.

Check out the brawl below.



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