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DJ Khaled is not in fear of getting evicted. In fact, he has labeled the story, that he was getting  kicked out of his Miami apartment for failing to pay $55,000 in rent, as false. Speaking to Hot 97’s Angie Martinez on the matter, Khaled refuted claims that he doesn’t pay his bills.

“Nah that’s just people miss me. They miss me. I apologize.” he said, explaining that he has since left the unit. “We ended up moving into something different, something with an elevator and a few stories. They’re trying to say I owe $55,000 or something like that. $66,000, I don’t know. I don’t know where people get this information from.”

If he did actually owe the bill, Khaled made it clear that he’s not strapped for cash. “It’s noting man. [$66,000] That’s what my rugs cost and my  drapes cost…my wrist cost.”

With his Kiss the Ring album in stores, the story actually gave him more publicity. “I realize that the more hustle you do, the more rumors come out. I appreciate the promotion, but I’m definitely alright,” he added.

Misci LLC claims that Khaled entered into an agreement to make two $66,000 payments on the apartment. He handled the first payment, but only paid $11,000 on the second installment leaving a balance of $55,000.

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