“This Was Never Called Food And Liquor 2″ 

When Lupe was asked why he felt the need to create the sequel to his debut album, he prefaced his answer by saying “you aren’t going to like my answer.”

“This was always called, The Great American Rap Album. This was never called Food & Liquor 2. The only reason I called [it] Food & Liquor 2 was so people would ask me ‘hey, is this like part 2 of Food & Liquor?’ he said laughingly. “I said let’s name it that so the people would be like, ‘Wow, this is the sequel to Food & Liquor! Now I got to go and buy Food & Liquor again. It’s still an overarching principal in life, it’s still carries the same story. So yeah, it’s Food & Liquor 2, but the main focus is that it’s The Great American Rap Album. I’m not trying to make a revival. The only revival I’m making is that it has the title Food & Liquor in it. But it’s the same story. It’s still the same concept of good and bad. Just like America has good and bad. Nothing in here is embellished. This is raw history, this happened. These women were raped, these babies were slaughtered. This happened.”


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