“Form Follows Function” is Lupe’s favorite record on the album

It was damn near impossible to breakdown Lupe’s masterful “Form Follows Function,” after one listen. As Lupe explained before playing the album, it is split into songs about America and songs just flexing his lyrical talent. “Form Follows Function” falls into the latter. “This is the masterpiece,” Lupe said before playing the song. “I don’t need any comments, I don’t need the thank yous, and that isn’t ego. I’m confident in my own ability. This song is a masterpiece of rappity-rap-rap,” Lupe boldly states.

This is the standout record of standout records. The soulful Infamous-produced record is an intense song with no chorus, just dope instrumentation over incredible lyricism. By the time you were done breaking down one intricate Lupe lyric, there were four more he just spit that went over your head. It is a song that will restore faith in OG Lupe Fiasco fans for those who lost it after LASERS. 

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