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There was a surprise addition to the box office top-1o list this weekend, and it wasn’t an action, horror or comedy, it was an anti-Obama documentary. 2016: Obama’s America is a conservative hypothesis of what will happen to the country if President Obama is re-elected.

Movie studios gave fans two major releases in Premium Rush and Hit & Run this weekend, but Obama’s America managed to trample the films bringing in $6.2 million after expanding from limited to nationwide release.  “It’s extremely rare for a documentary to break into the top-10,” said box-office analyst, Paul Dergarabedian of “August can be a land of opportunity for smaller films. Also, there’s the fact that this is a very conservative film. Normally, it’s Michael Moore-branded documentaries, the liberal documentaries that make all the money.”

Released by Rocky Mountain Pictures, and based on Dniesh D’Souza’s The Roots of Obama’s Rage, Obama’s America first opened in July, and expanded to 1,091 theaters averaging $5,717 per cinema. “What’s happening is that people are really hungry for new information about Obama,” explained D’Souza. “There there’s a second sense that the American dream is in the balance, the American dream is at stake, and that gives people a sense of anxiety about where the country is going.”

With Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 becoming the top-grossing documentary of all time earning $119.1 domestically, there is a chance that Obama’s America will attract liberals who may be curious of its contents.

The state of the economy has been the main topic of bi-partisan interest and the POTUS is taking notice. “All they will say is that the economy is not as good as it should be and it’s Obama’s fult,” the president said during a campaign stop earlier in the month. “They expect you to have amnesia and not remember who it is that got us into the mess.”

Obama’s America will to stay in theaters until October, and is expected to be released on DVD in time for the November election.


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