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The Diddy scandal continues to get even more bizarre. His former head of security has cryptically spoken up after being named in Cassie’s lawsuit.

As spotted on TMZ last week, the scandal brought another former Bad Boy Entertainment employee out of the shadows. The “Me & U” singer claimed in her court documents that Roger Bonds, Diddy’s former security director, saw her go through a harrowing experience. In the paperwork she says that the mogul attacked her back in 2009 after learning she had spoken to a music manager at a Los Angeles nightclub. Cassie states that Bonds even tried to stop it. “Whеn thе car arrivеd at Mr. Combs’ rеsidеncе, Ms. Vеntura attеmptеd to run away, but Mr. Combs followеd hеr and procееdеd to again kick hеr in thе facе. Ms. Vеntura was blееding profusеly, and was ushеrеd into Mr. Combs’ homе, whеrе shе bеgan to throw up from thе violеnt assault” the court documents read.

Naturally, this landed on the security professional’s radar prompting him to respond. In a since deleted Instagram post Roger Bonds wrote “This is not meant to be threats or snitching or anything like that against Cassie or Diddy or anyone else. This is me telling my truth as I truly remember it for 2 reasons only.” He went on to explain his reasoning on speaking out citing his family. “1st because I have 4 daughters so on all dudes my truth as I seen it, saw it and was involved with it for yrs.” Further adding, “IM WILLING TO TELL MY [TRUTH] BECAUSE FOR SO MANY YRS I WAS QUIET, Nothing matters now but FAMILY.”

On Monday (Nov. 27), Roger Bonds returned to his Instagram account with a follow-up post that featured a screenshot of a Complex article. His caption read, “NEVER KEEP YOUR WORD WHEN THE REASON YOU KEPT YOUR WORD NO LONGER [EXISTS].” It is unclear what the cryptic message means or if he will indeed speak on what he did or did not see during his time at Bad Boy Entertainment.

Back in 2022, Roger Bonds discussed his life on VLADTV. You can watch the two-hour interview below.