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Days after Diddy’s former bodyguard, Roger Bonds, co-signed Cassie’s story about Diddy’s abusive ways, the man is seemingly walking back his statements and “clarifying” his initial remarks.

Over the weekend, Diddy’s former head of security, Roger Bonds, took to Instagram to backtrack on his previous statements in which he spoke about having to break up fights between Diddy and Cassie. He explained that what he saw was actually more in-tune with everyday relationship problems that couples go through. Sure, guy.

Sitting in his car and once again opening up about the Diddy and Cassie situation, Bonds went on to clarify what he meant when speaking about what he witnessed just days before stating: “This ain’t about nothin’ yo. I seen Cassie and Diddy fight. Yeah, I seen them fight—just like everybody else fight. Just like I fight. Just like y’all fight with your man and y’all fight with your girl.”

This isn’t suspicious at all…

The post comes days after Roger appeared to co-sign Cassie’s abuse allegations against Diddy and insinuated that he had witnessed more than what the general public knew.

Why Roger Bonds would feel the need to suddenly change his tune on the situation and try to downplay the seriousness of what he stated earlier is anyone’s guess. But it seems like he’s distancing himself from anything that could make Diddy look bad, so don’t be surprised if the man never speaks on this situation again.

Check out Bonds try to clean up his own words in the clip below, and let us know your thoughts on the situation in the comments section below.