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GTA 6 Trailer Is Full of Real-Life Florida Events

Source: Rockstar Games / GTA 6

One thing you can count on in any Grand Theft Auto title is hilarious references to real-life events in the game, and that continues to be the case in GTA 6.

Florida is currently the butt of all the jokes in the real world, thanks to the numerous “Florida man” shenanigans, the orange menace Donald Trump living there, lame governor Ron DeSantis and other ridiculous real-live events that seem to happen there daily.

The GTA 6 trailer, which was initially going to premiere today, hit social media after Rockstar Games released it early to battle a leak.

The nearly two-minute trailer is on pace to break some records, already racking up over 90 million views and over 8 million likes. The trailer references real-life events in Florida but is remixed to fit GTA 6’s fictional world of Leonida and Grand Theft Auto’s version of Miami, Vice City.

Since the trailer’s arrival, viewers have been picking it apart, and they have been able to nail down every real-life inspiration from Florida events in the game’s trailer.

Florida References Broken Down

One reference that stands out is the Florida Joker, a tattoo model who went viral in 2017 following his arrest and his mugshot featuring his tattooed covered face hitting the web.

Another moment in the trailer that stands out is when a woman wields two hammers, which people are tying to an actual real-life incident that didn’t go down in Florida but in Los Angeles but easily could have been a Sunshine State moment.

Florida is well known for its gator moments, and plenty are in the GTA 6 trailer.

Another moment that had GTA fans saying oh sh*t is the Black woman twerking on top of the car while it’s speeding down the highway, which also happened in real life if you must know.

The Central Gaming Hub and IGB on X, formerly Twitter, break down all the references; you can see both posts below.


GTA VI arrives on PS5 and Xbox Series S | X in 2025.

Photo: Rockstar Games / GTA 6